Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Storify Assignment

For my storify assignment I decided to do a story on the recent North American Tour of Greek singer Thanos Petrelis. The reason I decided to do this story, is because I attended the first stop of the tour in Montreal, and thought it would be a good idea to give my own review on the show, and use Storify as a tool to get other fans reviews on the next five shows, and create an overall view of the tour. I also thought Storify would be useful because it would allow me to embed media in order to help …continue reading

Population of Greek Diaspora Worlwide

Recently, there has been an increase in Greek immigration to North America, UK and Australia. Since my final story is going to focus on the trend of Greeks immigrating to Quebec, I thought it would be useful to incorporate a visual. Below is a map documenting the population of Greek diaspora around the world, according to recent census statistics. The numbers documented are of Greek born immigrants, and do not include individuals who only identify themselves as Greeks or Greek descendants.

Story Pitch

I plan to do a story focused mainly on the growing trend of Greek/ Cypriot immigrants moving to Quebec in light of the economic crisis in Greece and Cyprus.  The story will highlight the growing statistics of Greek immigrant population in the different areas of Quebec, follow three different types of Greek immigrant families who recently moved to Quebec, go more in depth into their reasons for making such a drastic change, their struggles in coming here (assimilation to Quebec culture, keeping their Greek identity, finding work, learning the language etc.)  I will also be speaking to a representative from …continue reading